These are the various things you need to get the approval of google ads on your website/blog

First, you all know that you must get a site before even thinking about anything like ads/google ads, After having your site, you are expected to make your site google friendly through the following steps

  1. Make sure you get more than 20 post/articles on your site
  2. Each of your article should be more than 500 words, some people will tell you that your article should be more than 1000 words but the truth is that if your article is more than 500 words it ok
  3. Never you copy and paste any article to your site wether from another persons site or any where, just don’t copy and paste

After all that, one more thing is that you need to get more views on your site, thereby sending traffic from other social media, and in order to accomplish that there some various thing that can be done like ,having a fan page on facebook, after having a fan page on facebook, from there you will be able to promote your page which you will pay some amount of money to facebook and they will send traffic to your site, and this can also be done to other social media like twitter, instagram etc. Nigeria/EverythingonJumia/250×250.jpg

Another means of having more traffic to your site is to register your site on google SEO (search engine optimization) which you will also need to pay some amount of money, but there is also the free one which there are some freelancers guide and approve for some people

After applying all these to your site, there is also one thing one must try to prevent , and that is trying not to break the rules of other websites, for example if you are posting softwares and android apps from other peoples site which they are the owner and have their terms, there some of the apps and softwares you are not suppose to apply on your site, for example if you are trying to post a photo editor which is an android app and that photo editor their some theme which is needed to be downloaded, you see these type of app you should never try to post them on your site if you are trying to monetize your site, even if you’ve already gotten google ads approved on your site and you try to break rules by doing this, google will disapprove your site. You can only post this type of app if you are not going to monetize your site.

After doing and having all this on your site, there are some pages you need to have for your site which are as follows:

About us page                                                                                  

Contact us page

Privacy policy page

And some other pages but these are the ones you need to have, after having all these on your site you then check YouTube, there some videos which will guide you to successfully approve your site on google ads, and if you want to check on these videos kindly check HOW TO GET GOOGLE ADS APPROVAL FOR A WEBSITE/BLOG



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