When we talk about desert we often think about some barren place with no food water or shelter, extreme hot weather, where people cannot even stand or survive. Desert safari is not an ordinary desert. It is a place which is widely visited and people literally die for coming here and see what actually the hype is for? What unique stuff it has for you and why people are literally crazy to come here with their families and enjoy their relaxing vacations to the fullest.

Dubai has many fascinating places to go to but people usually prefer desert safari to go firstly, then any other place

Desert safari is extremely beautiful and breathtaking. If you are a poetic or nature loving person you’ll surely worship every bit if the view of this desert May it be morning, sun rising or sun setting. It will all be very beautiful, full of colors and puffy clouds creating  a scenery which is worth capturing and having extremely sensational vibes Desert safari  is not at all an ordinary one. There are so many fun and entertainment activities for you to enjoy with your families that will never make you regret spending money.

Desert safari in morning: how about waking up then coming to a desert you’ve always dreamt of seeing. Breathing under an open sky and walking on the silky bashing sand dunes then have the Arabian breakfast with your family and make it worthwhile, see the desert with a fascinating view. Sandy desert with hilly areas scorching sun rising every moment feeding in your brain. This will all be real. It’ll feel like some magic when you’ll step here. Desert safari will let you have fun with your families to the fullest. You can also ride a car on the bashing sand dunes and hilly silky sandy areas and this moment will be joyous than ever. You can ride a car with a guide or appropriate driver for your safety purposes. You can also ride on tall camels who are extremely friendly with the tourists and the people visiting there. Riding on these camels are extremely joyous moments and you can see the whole desert while travelling on them.

The strip of sand and camels roaming and sky with the deepest of colors is a view which is quiet soulful and which is captured by thousands of people visiting this place. How about sitting near the campsite beside a blazing bonfire and seeing belly dance is one kind ritual of this place. Belly dancers just kill the performance over there. They’ll make you happy and live in the moment forever. They’ll make you feel vulnerable and real and this all will be so much fun for you and your family Desert safari is a must go to with your loved ones and make memories to cherish them forever. You’ll never regret spending money because it is all worth it

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