Readers, read carefully and understand, if a blogger want to write a very good article which can make him successful as a blogger.

Make sure you read to the end in order to grab the main information this article is trying to pass across.

A blogger must be educated, a non-educated person should never think of being a blogger talkless of being a successful blogger, because a good blogger must be familiar with spelling of words correctly, and also needs to know how to place words where they are suppose to be in an article.

To become a successful blogger, one should know how to write all his articles corresponding to the particular niche of his/her blogging site. If a blogger has more than one niche/categories he/she should place all his/her article under the correct niche/category the particular article is suppose to fall in

“WRITING AN ARTICLE”, a blogger who want to have good articles on his site in order to become a successful blogger must have ideas of a good article. And in order to have a good article, follow the following steps:

-for a better article a blogger should think broadly and wisely on the article he his about to write and give it a very good and attractive “title” depending on what he/she is writing on.

-also for a good article, a blogger does not need mistakes on his article, and in order to prevent that a blogger should not write his article straight to his site, a blogger should first write his article on a paper and go through it to make correction of words placements and spellings

-spelling correctly is a very compulsory task a blogger should always carry out, because a good article should have correct spellings. If your audience often see wrong spelling in your post it will discourage them on visiting your site again

-GOOD QUALITIES, another thing which is very good for a blogger to always think of while writing an article, is the quality of the article, when the articles on your blog has good qualities, it will encourage your audience to often visit your site and readers will never get tired of reading your post because they know the quality of what they are reading. The good qualities an article needs to have are as follows:

*Good title for attracting audience                 

*Proper spellings

*Simple writing

On this “simple writing” a blogger’s article should be simple and not complicated, writing a simple article is very important, it makes the readers get the information you are trying to give out and it gives them a purpose of reading your post, writing a simple article is by writing simple word not complicated words which will not require your reading to sit with a dictionary while reading your post

Make sure you state clearly every information you are trying to pass across

NOTE: when writing an article make sure you focus on the quality of your article not it’s quantity

-And lastly, to become a successful blogger, a blogger should always try to make his site famous not trying to make him self famous

When your site his famous you will surely be famous because people must surely look for the owner of that particular site.

One more advice for bloggers make sure you try and get your site on SEO it generates heavy traffic

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