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University of Ibadan

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University of Nigeria

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University of lagos

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Ahmedu bello university

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Obafemi awolowo university

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University of Illorin

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Convenant University

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Landmark University

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University of benin

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Federal university of technology, akure

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For students who are willing to pass any examination, read carefully and follow the steps below

  1. For a student who wants to pass the examination of any subject, the student is expected to have a personal text book(we all know that many schools do give  their students textbook for normal classes but a student should have another type of text book different from the one the school had given)in order to pass any examination .
  2. After having a private text book, a student who wants to pass any examination should have a personal time table he/she uses at home for studying, this will help the student boost and promote his reading habit.
  3. Thirdly we all know that there is no school that don’t give their students scheme of work for every single subject they offer in class. When any school resumes the first thing a teacher is expected to give his/her student is a scheme of work for any subject, so with this, together with the private text book a student is expected to have and a personal timetable, a good student who is willing to pass examinations is expected to read ahead of what the teacher is teaching with the aid of the scheme of work studying with the personal time table and the private text book.
  4. Every student striving to pass any examination is expected to start his/her studying far before the examination will come up

NOTE:Any student willing to pass any examination should never rely on only what the teacher has tought him/her.That is why they are called students from the word “study”

               Also for those who are willing to pass external exams like WAEC,JAMB,GCE,NECO ETC. is expected to go join any external classes teaches on the type of external exam a candidate is willing to pass and also go to any stationary and get pass questions on the specific exams the csandidate is willing to pass.

A man named joshua,lived together with his girlfriend called mary,mary was a blind girl and despite the fact that she has no sight joshua still loves  her and she gave all her heart to him,she never trusted any body apart from joshua because he stood beside her even if she was blind .and she trusted nobody except joshua.

joshua lived long with mary and even wanted to marry her ,then one day bhe took mary for sugery to put back her eyes and she was so happy

after the sugery he took mary to a place more like a public place with her eyes closed and before he open her eyes he asked her first “will you marry me” then he open her eyes only fopr her to see that he was blind he refused to marry him.

Joshua sacrificed his eyes for her because he loved her but she rejected every thing he has done fore her.

this man graduated from the university of porthacourt and has a degree in civil engineering.this ,man was unemployed for 2 years and is living in poorverty.bearing the poorverty with his mother then the poorverty was unbearable for him.

he decided to go to nearby pharmacy to beg for drugs on getting there he met nobody inside the pharmacy he then decided to take some drugs for his mother,the gathered some drugs which cost only #90,on going out he heard some voices shouting thief! thief!! thief!!! before he could do anything a crowd of people just gathered him and started beating him and this man was severely beatened and was bleeding badly,before he knew some angry touts just came with tire and fuel,put the tire round his neck and pour the fuel on him,this man was burn to death for stealing something of #90 and thisn happened because of unemployment.